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Work package 5: Project management and communication

In charge: Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries

Work package 5 is responsible for the effective management, communication and dissemination of project activities and results.

Thus, the coordinator is responsible for monitoring workflows, organising regular meetings of consortium, advisory board and steering committee as well as stakeholder workshops and in-time reporting. She will guarantee a permanent and effective internal and external communication and see to the dissemination of project results and methodologies.


M5.1 Kick-off meeting
M5.2   Website established
M5.3Steering committee and advisory board established
M5.4Communication plan
M5.5Mid-term project meeting with steering committee and scientific advisory board
M5.6Dissemination strategy of results
M5.7Final symposium on SES analysis and future requirements


D5.1Project workspace placed at TI. The workspace will facilitate the consortium work and is limited to the consortium members only and others by invitation.
D5.2Communication plan, where the main target groups of scientific papers, policy briefs, social media (Twitter), project reports and presentations will be defined and scheduled
D5.31st interim report
D5.42nd interim report
D5.53rd interim report
D5.6Stakeholder fact sheets on the importance of tipping points for fisheries management in the North Sea and the risk of reaching tipping points in the North Sea
D5.7Recommendation on integrated management strategies to enhance SES stability to stakeholders
D5.8Final report, including the financial reporting as well as the main findings
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