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Project consortium

The project consortium involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research foci, among them social and economic science as well as ecology and fisheries biology. Four research institutions are involved in the project:

Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries, Bremerhaven (project lead and coordination)

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Geesthacht

Hamburg University - Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change (FNU)

Hamburg University - Institute for Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Science (IMF)

Scientific advisory board

Two experienced scientists with high international recognition in the field of SES analyses will support the consortium as scientific advisors. They will critically monitor the progress of the project and advise the participants on further research questions which arise in the course of the project.

Dr. Adrian Stier
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB), University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Adrian Stier focusses on the resilience and recovery of marine ecosystems in the face of different pressures. He wants to understand how these ecosystems function and develop sustainable management strategies for coastal ecosystems.

Dr. Joachim Claudet
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

Joachim Claudet specialises in socio-ecological coastal research using place-based case studies. His research results form the basis for effective monitoring concepts and management plans as well as the development of indicators and decision-making tools.

Steering comitee

Stakeholder representatives from economy, politics, administration and nature conservation support the consortium's work and give precious advice:

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

Producer association of North Sea inshore fishermen

Chamber of Agruculture of Lower Saxony

Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment, Nature and Digitalization

National park administration of the wadden sea of Lower Saxony

Neptun Hullmann Fischvermarktungs OHG

Foundation Offshore Wind Energy

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