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In our latest episode we talked to our Thünen colleagues Fanny Barz and Tobias Lasner. (In German)

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Team SeaUseTip is looking for a Postdoc at Thünen Institute in Bremerhaven.

The Hereon scientist reported on increasing competition for space in the North Sea and ways to resolve conflicts.

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New paper on Norway lobster fisheries in the North Sea

The Hereon scientist and leader of work package 3 is pleased about the recognition of his work and is looking forward to his new international honorary assignment.

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With an increasing number of offshore wind farm installations in the North Sea, the question of alternatives for fisheries arises. With which fishery resources can a joint use of those areas be put into practice?

Coastal fisheries in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are in deep crisis. The heads of the Thünen Institutes of Sea Fisheries and Baltic Sea Fisheries, Dr. Gerd Kraus and Dr. Christopher Zimmermann, shed light on the situation.

Young mechanical engineer from Eastern Frisia has made a promising invention

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