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Hamburg University - IMF

The Institute of Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Science (IMF) follows a broad, interdisciplinary approach to better achieve a holistic understanding of marine ecosystem functioning under external pressures such as fisheries exploitation, eutrophication and climate change.

Towards this goal research groups of IMF use a wide variety of scientific approaches to investigate key processes in marine ecosystem dynamics. Lab experiments are combined with field studies and a variety of numerical and statistical modelling approaches.

Scientists of IMF cooperate with a large number of national and international partner institutions in multidisciplinary research projects. Research themes include both basic and applied research questions with respect to ocean ecosystems.

Focal studies are conducted in the North and Baltic Seas, with additional projects in the North Atlantic as well as Atlantic and Pacific upwelling areas. 


Prof. Dr. Christian Möllmann
Leader work package 1

Christian Möllmann is leader of the department "Marine ecosystem dynamics and management" at IMF. His research focusses on the effects of climate and fisheries for structure and functioning of marine ecosystems. On this basis, he develops ecosystem-based management strategies.

+49 40 42838-6621


Dr. Camilla Sguotti

Camilla Sguotti assesses the effects of anthropogenic influences on marine ressources. She wants to understand how biological and socio-economic knowledge can be used to explain the condition of fish stocks and ecosystems, and to develop effective management measures.

+49 40 42838-6648


M. Sc. Alexandra Blöcker
PhD student

Alexandra Blöcker's main interest lies in socio-ecological relations with respect to fisheries. She deals with past and current tipping points in Atlantic cod dynamics and their effects on stocks and the fishing sector.  One of her aims is to find out how fishermen can be involved to align their needs to a comprehensive management strategy for the Atlantic cod.

+49 40 42838-6658


Hamburg University
Institute for Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Science
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