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The Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change is devoted to multi-disciplinary research and education on human-induced environmental change that is either global in nature or found in regions around the world.

The researchers seek to identify options for sustainable development and improve the understanding of its dynamics, including the key components 'environmental quality', 'economic efficiency', and 'social equity'. Cross-fertilization between disciplines is pursued by building bridges between the natural and social sciences.

Current research foci include the economics of climate change and the economics of land use. 


Prof. Dr. Hermann Held
Leader work package 2

Hermann Held works on the development of sustainable solutions in the field of climate and related environmental issues. Hereby he focuses on decision-making under uncertainty when deep uncertainty characterizes certain regimes of a system. For this, his group is developing a dynamically consistent version of target-based decision-making. Furthermore, his group developed the first early warning-based indicator for tipping points in complex models or real world systems.

+49 40 42838 7007


M. Sc. Benjamin Blanz

Benjamin Blanz focuses on the development of mathematical dynamic models to simulate the interactions between harvesting fishes within the ecosystem and consumer demand. Furthermore, he develops analytical tools to evaluate the environmental and economic impact of policies.

+49 40 42838 9197 


M. Sc. Emily Quiroga-Gomez 
PhD student

Emily Quiroga-Gomez deals with institutional economics with reference to fisheries policies. She wants to find solutions to social dilemmas in a sustainable, efficient, equitable and fair manner.

+49 40 42838 7047 


Universität Hamburg
Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change
Grindelberg 5
20144 Hamburg

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