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Andreas Kannen speaks at German Fishery Day in Emden

The Hereon scientist reported on increasing competition for space in the North Sea and ways to resolve conflicts.

From November 2 to 4, the German Fishery Day was held in Emden for the first time in hybrid format. The event was organised by the German Fisheries Association.

In a presentation, Andreas Kannen, scientist at the Helmholtz Centre Hereon and head of work package 3, shed light on the problems facing fisheries in times of increasingly intensive use of marine space. For example, the spatial demands of offshore wind energy and nature and biodiversity conservation in particular led to the question of where there is space for fishing in the nearshore marine space.

One possible solution to this conflict would be to increasingly strive for the joint use of areas and to develop appropriate cooperation between fishermen, authorities, wind farm operators and nature conservation associations. From the point of view of fisheries, the focus should be on the family business structures of German coastal fisheries and the role of fisheries as producers of regional food. Such a future perspective would require an open dialogue outside formal planning and approval procedures in order to develop a common understanding of the problems among the relevant stakeholders from fisheries, nature conservation and wind energy, on the basis of which solutions could then be found.

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