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Shelling prawns with ultrasound

Young mechanical engineer from Eastern Frisia has made a promising invention

Where manual labor was previously required and the crabs caught in the North Sea were mostly shipped to Morocco to be shelled, a young mechanical engineer from the German Aurich district (Eastern Frisia) has now come up with a promising invention. She has developed a process in which the small crustaceans can be mechanically freed from their chitinous shells using ultrasound.

Christin Klever, daughter of fisherman and SeaUseTip steering committee member Günter Klever, has since applied for a patent on this. She and her father have already been able to win over a local company to develop a prototype. Now it is time to raise the necessary funds. In cooperation with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, they have drawn up a project outline that is now being reviewed by the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food.

If the prototype is successful and reaches production maturity, this would open up many new opportunities for regional processing and marketing for crab fishermen and traders. The costly and climate-damaging transport could be eliminated and even the chitin shells could be recycled.

Click <link https: im-norden niedersachsen neue-erfindung--krabbenpulen---so-soll-die-reise-nach-marokko-ueberfluessig-werden-37903804 external-link-new-window external link in new>here for the full article (in German) in the Hamburger Morgenpost.

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