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Socio-ecological vulnerability to tipping points: A review of empirical approaches and their use for marine management
R.A.M. Lauerburg, R. Diekmann, B. Blanz, K. Gee, H. Held, A. Kannen, C. Möllmann, W.N. Probst, H. Rambo, R. Cormier, V. Stelzenmüller. 2019. Science of The Total Environment



Sustainable co-location solutions for offshore wind farms and fisheries need to account for socio-ecological trade-offs
V. Stelzenmüller, A. Gimpel, H. Haslob, J. Letschert, J. Berkenhagen, S. Brüning. 2021. Science of the Total Environment


The uncertain future of the Norway lobster fisheries in the North Sea calls for new management strategies
J. Letschert, N. Stollberg, H. Rambo, A. Kempf, J. Berkenhagen, V. Stelzenmüller



From plate to plug: The impact of offshore renewables on European fisheries and the role of marine spatial planning
V. Stelzenmüller, J. Letschert, A. Gimpel, C. Kraan, W. N. Probst, S. Degraer, R. Döring. 2022. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews


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