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FishTalk: Structural change in coastal fisheries

In our latest episode we talked to our Thünen colleagues Fanny Barz and Tobias Lasner. (In German)

Small-scale coastal fisheries in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are in deep crisis. Conflicts over spatial use, in some cases massive quota cuts due to poor fish stock conditions, an aging fleet, and not least the restrictions associated with the corona pandemic and the effects of Brexit are putting more and more pressure on it. The number of companies has been declining for years and structural change is in full swing.

What exactly does this structural change mean, what problems are associated with it and what are the prospects for the future? We talked about this with Fanny Barz from the Thünen Institute for Baltic Sea Fisheries in Rostock and Tobias Lasner from the Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries in Bremerhaven.

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