SeaUseTip at ISEM 2019 in Salzburg

Presentation of first results from work package 4

(© International Society for Ecological Modelling)

At this year's International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference (ISEM) from 1 to 5 October in Salzburg, Austria, SeaUseTip PhD student Jonas Letschert from the Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries presented the first results of his work.

Under the title "Spatio-temporal fishing dynamics and adaptability of the socio-ecological system of the southern North Sea" he focused on the socio-ecological dynamics of plaice and crab fisheries in the German Bight. It became clear that the northward migration of plaice poses great challenges for German fisheries. The evaluation of different data showed that some of the fishermen can compensate for this disadvantage by appropriate adaptation strategies. Their adaptability depends, among other things, on the technical equipment of their vessels and ultimately on their economic situation.

The annual conference took place this year for the 22nd time. International experts in the field of ecological modelling and systems ecology met under the motto "eco:model:spaces".